Posting Multiple Images (albums) Ad Videos May Lead to Increased Page Likes

News 01:03 March 2024:

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Using images to attract free likes on your social media platforms as part of your content plan is equally important. The use of fascinatingimages can be a great way to boost free likes and reach on your page and posts on social media
In order to keep the fans you already is by posting appealing content that meets the needs of your audience.
But remember to keep your promotional content flow to a minimum. Experts suggest 80/20 content delivery to your page. This means Posting non-promotional content 80% of the time and promotional content 20% of the time. This number will vary depending on your business, so see what works best with your audience.
Videos now attract a wider audience so this could the best time to start including videos into your web content plan. This action alone drives more traffic to your page, giving you more visibility and increased traffic to your page.
Consumers are more apt to like you when they’ve just made a purchase they’re excited about and with every click, a new customer will always emerge.